One of Boatwright's most popular song cycles is "Trois Femmes," a three-part work consisting of "Cinderella," "Red Riding Hood," & "Goldilocks," the song that inspired the subsequent opera. Another remarkable work is a set of expansive arrangements of African-American spirituals, composed originally for low voice. Boatwright's vocal works include solos, duets, and various choral works. Boatwright's theatrical works include: "Mother Juice," a show based on Mother Goose, but slightly off; "Sistine de Michelangelo," a music & dance work based on Michelangelo's contributions to the Sistine Chapel; the southern musical comedy, "Far Above Rubies," and the one-act opera, "Goldilocks." Boatwright's piano works include a set of classic 19th century hymn arrangements, composed for the 50th anniversary of Virginia Wingard Memorial United Methodist Church, where he is on staff, and a set of duets for four-hands one piano based on American themes.